video tour

the closest thing to in person

a journey through your space

Real estate photos are a great asset, but we believe there’s a more efficient and authentic way to capture the magic of your work. Photos are generally highly edited and oftentimes an inaccurate look at the space. Customers know this. Video lets prospects into your space in an intimate way, cultivating a level of trust and confidence that photos cannot achieve.

Highlight your space

Picking up the phone and reaching out for help is the hardest step to pursuing treatment. It’s scary, intimidating, and often happens when people are in crisis. The last thing we want future clients worrying about is what the place looks/feels like. By showcasing your facility in 360°, you create an additional level of confidence and trust.

Highlight your services and staff

Having worked in residential treatment for over a decade, we’re well aware that a large number of clients are traveling to you from out of state. This makes an in-person tour prior to admission nearly impossible. With a seamless & high quality 360° photo tour, prospects from out of the area can get a great idea of where they’re coming without even leaving the house.

Why video?

Video Tour Advantages

Create a warmer landing

Offering a video tour on your website enables clients and their families to see your facility & staff ahead of time, calming nerves/ anxiety and creating a warmer landing.

It’s a living FAQ

We make sure to do more than just highlight space. Our goal is to give your prospects a sense of what treatment takes place in the space, along with providing a sense of what it feels like to be there.

It’s real

We love highlighting the space authentically, and showing prospects what they can expect realistically, sparing staff members from needing to explain why it looks different in person.

It’s always available

Your video tour will live on your website, making it available to prospects 24/7. Admissions staff can also use it as a tool by sending it to prospects via email, or referring them to the website.

The Process:

Step #1

Prepare the space & people

We walk through the space and make sure nothing’s out of place, that all the lights are on, and the spaces are tidy.

We’ll check for noise, outside sounds, and make sure people are aware of what we’ll be doing to optimize the sound.

Step #2

Walk through & plan

We work with you on identifying the best staff member to perform the tour (generally a BD rep or someone with an outgoing personality).

We plan how we’ll tour the facility step by step with whoever is going to tour us so we’re all on the same page.

Step #3

Lights, Camera, action!

We treat the camera that’s following us as a real person creating a sense that the viewer is there with us.

Tours vary in length depending on the space, but from an hour long tour you can expect a 12 minute video tour. Once we finish, that’s a wrap!