Your facility in 360°

Easy access to your facility

Tours that live online

360° photo tours of your treatment facility are an incredibly valuable tool for both potential patients/clients and their loved ones. Touring in 360 allows individuals to get a sense of the facility’s layout, amenities, and overall atmosphere without having to physically visit your location. Our favorite part, they are more authentic and allow people to get a sense of what it actually feels like to be in your care.

Support your prospects in making informed decisions

Picking up the phone and reaching out for help is the hardest step to pursuing treatment. It’s scary, intimidating, and often happens when people are in crisis. The last thing we want future clients worrying about is what the place looks/feels like. By showcasing your facility in 360°, you create an additional level of confidence and trust.

Support your clients traveling from afar

Having worked in residential treatment for over a decade, we’re well aware that a large number of clients are traveling to you from out of state. This makes an in-person tour prior to admission nearly impossible. With a seamless & high quality 360° photo tour, prospects from out of the area can get a great idea of where they’re coming without even leaving the house.

Getting started

The Process:

  • Clean and organize your facility so each room looks its best

  • We will do a walkthrough with you beforehand to turn on all the lights and make sure each room is prepped and ready

  • Keep each area clear of staff and clients while photos are being taken, about 5 minutes in each room

  • We edit and upload the photos online, and then embed the tour on your website