Social Media

Video isn’t the future, it’s the present.

More than just a box to check

Your social channels your the easiest place for people to get to know you. Traditional memes and quotes may check the box for a social post, but no longer serve as branding. Imagine having a stockpile of branded 4k video clips that maximize engagement and show visitors who you truly are. That’s where we come in.

All of your new content in bite size pieces

While at your facility we film a few assets like the tour and roundtable that are longer-form than traditional social content. In post-production, we take the highlights and cut/resize them for all of your social channels. We take real estate style footage and produce reels, along with b-roll of the facility and staff so that your social accounts feel like your facility. 

Social Accounts are your store front

Social media is often viewed as a box to check. We find that the question “Did we post something today?” is asked far more than “is what we’re posting creating value for our audience?”. We take social content very seriously. This is your brand’s biggest opportunity to shine. By posting video content of your team, facility, amenities, and services, you introduce new people to who you are, what you stand for, why you do this work, and how your work is done. For your existing audience, it reaffirms their trust in you, offers value, and keeps them engaged. 

The Process:

  • We extract clips from all the media we film with you and resize them for all social channels.

  • While we’re at your facility we will sit down with members of your team and create content specific for social.

  • Once all the content is finished, you’ll receive a folder packed full of social clips that you can publish to your channels at your leisure.