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Video Tours

The video tour is one of our most powerful offerings. Real estate photos are a great asset, but we believe there’s a more efficient and authentic way to capture the magic of your work. Photos are generally highly edited and oftentimes an inaccurate look at the space. Customers know this. They also fail to convey what takes place in the space, which when seeking treatment is paramount.

  • Your prospects join us on a tour through your facility and feel as though they’re there
  • Minimally edited in order to truly convey the look and feel of your space

  • Highlights clinical, experiential, therapeutic activities and answers most commonly asked questions before they even pick up the phone

Video Round Table

The video roundtable is an essential piece of the RRT experience. Rather than the typical “talking head” video, where someone speaks to the camera, our roundtable is an intimate and authentic conversation about your facility, your programming, and your staff. Traditional interview videos are generally disengaging, flat, and in ways create more questions than answers. We are all familiar with clinical terms like CBT, DBT, EMDR etc. but families are not. The roundtable is an opportunity for us to have an organic, natural, and engaging conversation, while also clarifying these terms in real-time.

  • Prospects get to know you and your team in an intimate way.

  • Content (especially media) is focused on WHERE treatment takes place rather than WHAT takes place.

  • Websites struggle to directly communicate what treatment will be like and how it will help.

360 Pics & Vids

Our field has relied heavily on photos to highlight their space since the beginning. While our focus is primarily on video, our main goal is to give prospects a sense of what it feels like at your facility. 360 photo and video tours are an excellent tool that allow your prospects to tour the space on their own. While this is a standard element to any behavioral health website, we had to add the RRT twist. We add cards, pop-ups, and infographics to every 360 photo tour, so that while your prospect gets a feel for the space, they also get a snapshot of what takes place in each space.

  • Self-guided tours through your space in 360 degrees
  • Allows prospects to check out every space in its entirety
  • Highlights clinical, experiential, therapeutic activities that take place throughout your facility

Social Media

Social media is often treated as an afterthought or box to be checked. We believe that social media is an invaluable tool for branding efforts. Social platforms offer an opportunity for you to show prospects, alumni, and colleagues who you really are, not just what you do. Our goal with social clips is to provide you several months worth of video content that looks and feels different than any other program’s content, while also offering value to your audience.

  • Highly engaging video clips that both highlight your space and your team
  • Video clips and reels produce 10x the engagement of traditional memes and quotes
  • Content is inspiring, modern, and shareable, increasing brand awareness and visibility

Brand Videos

The Brand Video serves as your homepage video and introduction to your prospects. The goal of the Brand Video is to give prospects an overview of who you are, what you do, and what healing looks like at your facility. The Brand Video best serves your visitors on the homepage of your website, towards the top. As we know, people would much rather SEE you and get to know you, rather than simply read about you. Let’s show your prospects who you really are!

  • Includes talking head style interviews from key personnel
  • Highlights the spaces of your facility and an overview of the treatment process
  • Is perfect to illustrate your brand identity to new prospects and boost confidence


Testimonials have fallen prey to the dreaded “template” these days. Almost all testimonials feel the same, a graduate shares a bit about his life prior to treatment and then reflects on how great life is now. The inherent issue with this style of testimonial is that they lack depth, and focus so much on the perils of addiction rather than the vitality of recovery. Our testimonials flip that, and focus primarily on the treatment process and what was gained, in an attempt to inspire change rather than cultivate shame.

  • Filmed off-site without staff present to encourage more authenticity and openness
  • Feels like a natural conversation (like a podcast) as opposed to a staged interview
  • Speaks to recovery more than pain points, people in addiction already know how painful it is.

Event Videos

Our industry throws some of the best events in the country. The themes used in behavioral health events serve as inspiration and education to many. We want to capture your event and craft the story of the day so that it can live on forever, not just in our minds but on the internet. People who couldn’t attend can view it after, people who felt inspired can rewatch, and people who don’t know you yet can see what you’re all about.

  • We capture the essence of the day and craft a beautiful story
  • Event can be experienced by people who weren’t able to attend
  • Allows the hard work of putting an event together to last forever