Events can live on forever

Every Event has a story

Our industry throws some of the best events in the country. The themes used in behavioral health events serve as inspiration and education to many. We want to capture your event and craft the story of the day so that it can live on forever, not just in our minds but on the internet. People who couldn’t attend can view it after, people who felt inspired can rewatch, and people who don’t know you yet can see what you’re all about.

Events we film

Open Houses

What a great way to introduce community members & professionals to your new location. While they all won’t fit in the house at the same time, they can all fit on YouTube. After your open house, send an email blast w/ the video to everyone who couldn’t attend for maximum exposure.


Celebrating anniversaries is a big deal in our industry. Every birthday your facility has is an excuse to party, you made it another year! That’s huge. We love to celebrate with you and provide a memory of each celebration that lives on forever.

Grand Openings

Ribbon cuttings are one of our favorite events to film. Capturing founders/CEO’s sharing their vision and unveiling something new has an energy that’s palatable. We do our best to capture that energy and translate it in our videos.


Our industry is truly innovative when it comes to networking events. From goat yoga to experiential dance, we’ve seen it all. No matter the scale of your event, we’re here to capture it for those who couldn’t attend.

Emotional & Intellectual resonance is our goal

We work in an industry that cultivates some of the deepest and most beautiful emotionality on the planet. Events within our space are often thematically geared towards emotion and intellect, and we love capturing the two intersect. Our goal is to give the viewer the sense that they were there, didn’t miss out, and got to experience all the depth the event had to offer. Our favorite thing to do at events is interviews. We are pros at capturing people’s passion and essence, both of which contribute to a special video asset. Any event, big or small, has an opportunity to change lives, touch hearts, and stand on its own as meaningful & engaging content.

Promotion, Marketing, and Branding in one video

It’s no secret that in many cases, events are a marketing effort. Whether it be an open house, an anniversary, or lunch and learn, there’s always a story to tell. No matter how big event budgets get, at some point there is a max capacity. If the video event is online, there is no limit to how many people can attend, and no limit to the reach of your marketing efforts. 

The Process:

  • We will request the layout of the day including location, schedule, A/V requirements, list of key players, and main theme of the event.

  • The day of, we arrive early to get eyes on the space & layout, and shoot b-roll before guests arrive.

  • During the event the two of us run around like maniacs capturing the essence of the day, speeches, presentations, and plenty of footage of guests enjoying themselves.

  • We edit and upload the video and send links for revision. We can do up to 3 revisions on your event video in post-production. Event videos average 8-12 minutes in length.

  • Upon approval, we cut a 3 minute highlight reel version of your event for social, and upload the full length to YouTube.