About Us

The Dudes Behind the Cameras

Jeremy Miller, Co-Founder & CEO

Sober date: 01.23.2009

Drawing inspiration from Joseph Campbell, his unique messaging style creates a more authentic and meaningful presence online for professionals and programs within the field. Having worked in residential treatment for a decade, he is familiar with both the clinical and operational sides of treatment, and uses this experience in supporting programs with their media & marketing. Since childhood filmmaking was the vision, the dream, and the goal. After choosing recovery and finding the life he’d always wanted, filmmaking took the backseat for a few years while he solidified his life as a sober person.

With 14 years of recovery under his belt, he has excitedly jumped back into filmmaking focusing on creating videos that help people find the same success he did in recovery.Jeremy feels a deep calling to leverage his unique skills and talents to support people in their healing.

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Dallas Terrell, Co-Founder & COO

Sober date: 09.07.2014

Dallas deeply loves the work that he does and the field he is in. Often times he has felt called to do this work and recognizes that it is not for everyone. His goal is to highlight effective treatment on a broader and wider scale for the world. He believes that the solutions to conquer addiction should not be muddied or hidden to those that need them. Dallas has been sober for close to 8 years and continues to work a program of recovery in his daily life.

He is also a Crossfit Level-One Trainer and has facilitated fitness and health groups for the substance abuse population.

“We’re on a quest to find the best treatment centers in the world and highlight what they do”

Get to know us

More than just videographers

We’re great with cameras, but we’re even better with people. During the covid lockdowns, both of us felt called to share our unique skills and talents in a new and unique way. We felt a deep desire to support the industry as a whole, rather than being so singular with our efforts. It was also clear that we wanted to leverage our voices to inspire those seeking recovery but aren’t sure where to start. Now we’re constantly creating content to do our part in cultivating a general sense of positivity in recovery.

  • YouTube channel with industry and recovery specific content

  • Bi-weekly podcast with interviews featuring industry pros and our own riffs on recovery

  • Social media geared towards people in recovery with how-to guides and inspiration year-round

A combined 20 years of recovery

Between the two of us we’ve achieved two decades of long term recovery and we’re proud of it.

We’re both Certified Addictions Counselors

Each of us have spent years counseling people in a residential treatment setting, and have a small caseload even still to stay aligned with our purpose.

We’re seasoned treatment professionals

We’ve been working in treatment for a combined 20 years in various roles.

Recovery is more than our job, it’s our passion

Whether we were being paid or not, the two of us are clear that we’d still be helping people find joy in recovery.